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Fix LG washing machine uE Error Code

Oct 23

The uE code displayed by an LG washing machine is due to the imbalanced load in it. It is determined by the washer’s control board and in order to fix this issue, foremost we have to balance the load and then look for other possible issues.

To fix LG washing machine uE error code, the following steps should be taken in a nick of time.

  1. One should look for tangled items and very heavy and large items which would cause the imbalancing of the machine.
  2. Check thoroughly whether there the shock absorbers are worn out or not as they can also cause the uE error.
  3. Resetting the LG washing machine is also a basic step to remove the uE error code on the display, simply off the machine and after sometime turn it on.
  4. Level of the machine and its components also plays a vital role. So always look fot the level of the machine and its leveling legs that both of these are correctly adjusted on the floor.
  5. Hall sensor sometimes becomes defective causing a uE error that’s why it’s necessary to look for this option also.
  6. The internal components may also be responsible for this type of error, such as check for rotor mounting nut which if loosen can cause this problem so make sure to tight this on time.
  7. Last but on the least, the display panel and fault in control panel can also account for this error. Make sure to replace these whether they are showing false indication.

So if the LG washing machine shows an uE error code look for these basic steps first then go for repairing option.